Andrea Bakketun is a visual artist (born 1983, Trondheim, NO), living and working in Oslo, Norway. She obtained her BFA at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (2008) and an MFA from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (2013).
Bakketun’s artistic practice involves video, installation, performance, sculpture and text. By observing and translating energies, changes and decay present in our physical environment, she examines the presence of the Laws of Nature, and how they interfere with our lives. Simultaneously her work is coming from a strong fascination for the impalpable human mind, and an interest in the tactics we employ to systematise and understand the surrounding forces, being it through science or metaphysics.
Collaborations and self-initiated exhibitions also constitute an important part of Bakketun’s artistic practice.

Bakketun has presented solo shows at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo; Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo; Kunsthaus Essen, Essen; TSSK, Trondheim; Edvard Munch’s studio at Ekely, Oslo and Il Stile, Berlin. Her work has been shown in numerous group shows in Norway and internationally, including «Pattern Drill», Hacienda, Zürich; «Parkplatstreffen III», Kunstverein St.Pauli, Hamburg, «Dating Service», Autocenter, Berlin; «Kopie - Documented Now», De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam; «The Quick Brown Fox…», Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm; «The Autumn Exhbition», Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, «The Sculpture Triennal 2021», Oslo, «Et kollektivt kaosmos», Kunsthall Oslo and «Wildlife Sculpture Park», Akershus.

In 2012 Bakketun together with Silje L. Haaland initiated the project «Five thousand generations of birds», an exhibition in Fitjarøyene, an archipelago off the west coast of Norway, where 16 international artists where invited to work and exhibit on their own islets. 
Bakketun also initiated and produced the one year long exhibition project «Grand Complications» in and around the Old Rommen School in Oslo. 



Andrea Bakketun
Christian Kroghs gate 2
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Andrea Bakketun CV (Short)


2010-13 - MFA, Oslo Art Academy, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

2007-08 - BFA Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

2005-06 - BA Material based art, textile, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Selected exhibitions and projects


Radical Land Preservation Pavillion, initiated by Signe Lidén/VOLT, land areas for artistic exploration over time, manifested in Østensjø Våtmark, Oslo (2022) and Flatdal, Telemark, NO (2023)

Lauch of the book Wiggle Room, Distanz Verlag, Berlin, DE (2023)

Solo exhibition, Kunstverein St.Pauli, Hamburg, DE (2023)


The Sculpture Triennal 2021 - outdoor sculpture, Tøyenparken, Oslo, NO

Hvitsten Salong 2021, (exhibited in 2020, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and 14), art festival in Hvitsten, Viken, NO

Østlandsutstillingen 2021, annual juried exhibition, Trafo Kunsthall, Asker and Vestfold Kunstforening, Tønsberg, NO


Juleutstillingen 2020, group show, (exhibited in 2019, 18, 17, 16 and 15), Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, NO

Jomfrulandstipendiatene, duo exhibition, Bakketun & Norum, Kragerø Kunstforening, NO

Pauseromsplakater, solidarity action from artists to nurses during the Covid-19 lock down

Et kollektivt kaosmos, group show curated by Ida Følling and Markus Li Stensrud, Kunsthall Oslo, NO

Launch of the book Grand Complications, Kunsthall Oslo, NO


Høvdingens kjære squaw får litt pizza i Mexico by, group show curated by M. Petrelli, Akershus Kunstsenter/Nitja Senter for Samtidskunst, NO

Hildelund Konstfestival, Art festival in Värmland, SE

Portal, pop-up exhibition, Bakketun & Norum, curated by Wenche Volle, The National Gallery, Oslo, NO

Grand Complications, exhibition and research project, Gamle Rommen Skole, Oslo, NO


Høstutstillingen, annual juried exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Baklengs inn i okularet, duo exhibition, Bakketun & Norum, Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim

Archaeology, Anthropology, Apology, duo exhibition, Bakketun & Norum, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo

Puck, solo exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo

Sleuths of time travel poetry, Aktion #195, duo exhibition, Bakketun & Norum, 2025, Hamburg, DE

Parkplatztreffen III, Bahnhof Altona, curated by Kunstverein St.Pauli, Hamburg, DE

Wildlife, sculpture park, curated by NIKOTIN, Nesodden, Akershus, NO

Papay Gyro Nights Art festival, (exhibited in 2016,15,14 and 13), Bergen Kjøtt, NO, Papay Westray, Orkney Islands UK and Videotage, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong


En kollektiv psykogeografisk guide til Oslo, group exhibition, curated by Ida Følling and Ottar Karlsen, Tegnetriennalen, NO

Chanting, all clamoring, chirping…, group exhibition, curated by Christian Tony Norum, the Munch Museum, Oslo, NO


Halvorsen visiting an old friend, solo exhibition, Munch’s studio at Ekely, Oslo, NO

In search of the brain of the middle finger, solo exhibition, NoPlace, Oslo, NO

Sparebankstiftelsen Art Prize 2015, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo, NO

Pattern Drill, group exhibition, initiated by 1857, curated by Jenny Kinge, Hacienda, Zürich, CH

Induction, group exhibition, curated by Ivan Galuzin and Glafira Severianova, Art from Barents, Murmansk, RU


Decend along my eyelashes, exhibition and performance, with Petter Ballo and Christian T. Norum, UKS, Oslo, NO

Vacilliation detector:pigeon edition, II Stile - Spittelkollonaden, kuratert av Paolo Chiasera, Berlin, DE

Dating service, curated by Andreas Schlaegel, Autocenter, Berlin, DE

Reisebrev mangesteds fra, performance with Christian T. Norum and Silje L.Haaland, curated by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, GL Strand, Copenhagen, DK


Turn Turtle, group exhibition, curated by Jenny Kinge, Podium, Oslo, NO

Constant.Decay, group exhibition, collaboration with Silje L. Haaland, RAKE, Trondheim, NO

Touristification as the storm wallows around the house, group exhibition, (A)void gallery, Prague, CH

MA Degree show, curated by Andreas Schlaegel, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO

Curatorial projects:

2018- 2019 - Grand Complications, exhibition and research project at Gamle Rommen Skole, Oslo, NO
2014-16 - Skogul Gondul: Video program composed with Christian T. Norum, for Papay Gyro Nights, Orkney Islands, UK and Hong Kong, HK

2009 - Inititiator and project leader for Five thousand generations of birds. Festival and artist residence, 2012. 16 international artists worked and exhibited on their own isles in Fitjar, Norway.

Selected grants and prizes:

2021   2-year work grant, Arts Council Norway

2020  Project grant, BKV

             Project grant, Arts Council Norway

             Project grant, Fond for lyd og bilde, Arts Council Norway (Also granted in 2019)

             Kunstneriske publikasjoner, Arts Council Norway

2019, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2009 - Miscellaneous grant, Arts Council Norway

2018 - 3-year work grant, Arts Council Norway

             Miscellaneous grant, Oslo Municipality

2017 - Grant for Art and Technology, Arts Council Norway

             Project grant, Arts Council Norway

2017, 2015, 2014 and 2009 - Project grant, BKV

2016 and 2014 - Exhibition grant, Arts Council Norway

2016 - Work grant, BKV

2015 - Sparebankstiftelsen DNB’s art prize

2013 - International support, OCA

Selected press and critiques:


Trå varsomt, critique, Skulpturtriennalen 2021, Eirik Seiner Henriksen, Kunstkritikk

Ut i det fri, critique, Skulpturtriennalen 2021, Hilde Mørch, Kunstavisen

Å vare eller ikkje vare, critique, Skulpturtriennalen, Maria Horvei, Klassekampen


Finissage og boklansering på Kunsthall Oslo, interview, Hilde Mørch, Kunstavisen

En mølls dødskamp angår deg, interview, Ingrid Tellefsen Relling, Subjekt

Det kaosmotiske kollektiv, interview, Kjetil Nergard, Norwegian Art Yearbook 2020


Strukturenes visuelle rikdom, critique, Høvdingens kjære... at AKS by Lars Elton, Dagsavisen
Vi må snakke sammen, critique, Høvdingens... at AKS, by Espen Hauglid, Morgenbladet


Frittenkende kunstnerduo, critique, OK, by Aleksi Wildhagen, Billedkunst

Gesamtkunst under kuppelen, critique OK, by Simen Joachim Helsvig, Kunstkritikk


Kunstverein St.Pauli - Parkplatztreffen III, by Anna Sabrina Schmiid (translated by Maxi Lengger), KubaParis


De nye arkivarene, critique, Sparebankstiftelsen DnB Stipendutstilling, by Line Ulekleiv, Klassekampen

Pattern Drill at Hacienda, Contemporary Art Daily


Fantasifulle kulisser, critique, Decend Along My Eyelashes at UKS, by Kjetil Røed, Aftenposten


Til Andakt, critique, MA Avgangsutstilling at Kunstnernes Hus, by Stian Gabrielsen, Kunstkritikk

Tilbakeholden avgangsutstilling, critique, MA Degree show at Kunstnernes Hus, Kjetil Røed, Aftenposten


Five thousand generations of birds, interview on Ftg of birds, by Regine Debatty, We-make-money-not-art

Vestlandets kraft, critique, Five thousand generations of birds, Nicolai Strøm Olsen, Kunstforum

Grundig utforsking av holmen som sted, critique, Ftg of birds, Sigrun Åsebø, Billedkunst
Omgivelsens Makt, critique, Ftg of birds, by Stian Gabrielsen, Kunstkritikk

Other relevant experience and board positions:

2020 - 2023 Board member, Artist union for Oslo and Akershus, (vara 2020)

2020 - 2021 Artist Council, BOA (Artist union for Oslo and Akershus)

2020 - 2021 Member of Supervisory board for Nitja Senter for Samtidskunst

2020 - 2021 Jury member for Oslo Municipality crisis stipend

2015 and 2020-21 Freelance consultant for BONO

2020 Workshop, Kragerø Kunstskole

2020 Testlab DKS, for Oslo Kunstforening and Fotogalleriet

2019 - 21 Project leader and Project coordinator, Oslo Open

2019 - Artistic development, Verdensteatret

2015 -18 Art consultant for Haakonsvern, Bergen, KORO