Withstanding the Shatter of Origins: First Excerpt, 2013
Artist Book, edition of 30, signed, 33 pages
250 NOK/ 30 EUR
Graphic design:

Withstanding the Shatter of Origins: Second Excerpt, 2014
Artist Book, edition of 30 (15 eng, 15 nor), signed, 39 pages
300 NOK/ 36 EUR
Graphic design:

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Withstanding the Shatter of Origins is a limited edition artist book series. The book is a nonlinear project diary consisting of a number of loose pages depicting scanned water colors, fictional texts, descriptions of working processes and photos. The pages are contained in a Michael Harding oil paint box (125 x 85 mm) with silk screen print.

Golden Bough Measuring Device, Whitstanding the Shatter of Origins: First Excerpt and D68: A Dog Named Puck were showed simultaneously at Kunstnernes Hus.